Happy Independence Day (letter to my American friends)

n1467247035_8507Happy 4th July, Independence Day of the United States of America!!!.

I’ve spent two days thinking about how to express what I think.

You know I’m a Catalan. My Nation has more than 1250 years of history, and Tarragona was capital of the Roman Imperium before. Colom was Catalan I’m sure, in some time the bast majority of the investigators will agree. I’m proud of my Culture, of my people (we have many spanish immigration living in Catalonia, don’t be confused. Catalans are not spaniards), but we are slaves from spain since the continuous militar invasions. I’m not free, and if I have children here they will not be free unless we change the things.

Well, once said this introductory, let me tell you that I’m very worried for the USA.

USA is the country of Freedom. I think it’s a very generous Country.

But now….

5336_1176105126974_1358473682_490151_7633008_nYes. This is what I fear.

spain takes all the money of the Catalans and it gives it to the spaniards (10% of the Principality of Catalonia’s G.D.P. in 2009 and 17% of the Balearic Islands’ G.D.P).

They take all our money, and for example: they subsidize “the poor” regions, with salaries of 920 € monthly (average before taxes in 2008) for doing nothing. (this is called PER and in the 2003 580.000 spaniards received this wages)

It is evident that the “poor” regions vote massively for the socialist party. They are afraid of loosing their privileges.

After taking the money from the Catalans and giving to the “poor” regions, Catalonia goes down in the scale to a position lower than the “poor” regions.

But if you investigate a little you will found that Catalonia is paying all the taxes of spain. the only zones paying to spain are those of the Catalan Nation (Principality of Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Valencian Country).

This perverts the incentives, destroys our economy and condemns us to poverty and to very bad living conditions. Watch this video about the floor on the streets to get the point.

Why I explain all this?.

Because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid because for me the United States are the country of freedom.

A place that I strongly consider in order to have my children there, because I don’t want them to be slaves of spain.

I know it’s hard to understand, for you, that Catalonia is an imprisoned country. That Catalans are sistematically treated bad by spain, and fundamental rights kicked. But it is true and I know how bad corruption is, so listen to my message:

socialism is bad. It takes the money from the rich, and gives to the poor.

This means that becoming rich, working hard to become rich, is bad.

This means that nice people will work hard to buy a home, and others will not study, not work… and will have a home too. A home paid by increasing the taxes of the taxpayers.

I don’t mean abandoning the weaker persons. No one likes this.

But it’s true that people makes their own destiny. And the only way to succeed is with effort.

If the government starts to subsidize everything, to everyone (poor), the middle class and the rich will start paying more, and more, because everytime more things will be subsidized.

A social security (free hospitals) is cool, but it’s a drain too. For example, if many illegal immigration come to your country, the common citizen will have to wait because the hospitals will be collapsed by illegal immigration.

In Catalonia the Catalans die waiting for years for an operation. We wait months for a simple radiography or for a visit with the specialist doctor. spain has sent so much (mostly hispanic) immigration to Catalonia, that they represent the 21% of the total population of the Principality of Catalonia. the spanish government has sent so many immigrants to Catalonia in order to destroy our Culture and Language (the Catalan), but before of this we had problems with delays in social security because spain takes our money with the pretext of investing and they don’t do it, and don’t allow us to do our own public investments.

In Catalonia we suffer mafia from morocco and other places too, that register immigrants like living in Barcelona, but they’re not. When the social security is able to operate them, they take a flight, they’re operated, they remain in the hospital as much time as they need, everything for free… then they come back to their country. they have spent a minimum amount, comparing to what they would pay for the same in morocco.

I admire the essence of America. The American Spirit.

Anyone, from everywhere, could do everything if works hard and honestly.

What happens if the government starts to grow and starts to subsidize everything and starts to tell the people how to live their private lives is something dark.

This is what we Catalans are suffering from the spanish government.

I’m angry with obama, because is acting in a socialist way.

To burn the taxpayers’ money for creating butterfly parks (real example) is not going to have any ROI (return of the investment), and if the great plan is to create occupation, like: ok remake this street 20 times, so you’ve work, this is not gonna work. This doesn’t create any richness.

Before you had 10 million and 1 street, and later you have 0 million and 1 street. You’re not more rich. Ok some workers had job for some time, some companies that rent machinery had benefits (and be careful, because this is one direct way to the corruption. To hire always my friends’ companies and to not worry about inflated bills), the money has changed from hands, from the taxpayers to the government, and to some workers and some friends private companies. Not the best workers or the best qualified companies, just some workers in order to reduce unemployment and to some companies, may be those that paid the political party campaign for the elections.

But the country is poorest, because a year has passed, and the economy has not grown. The taxpayers were drained, so they can’t hire the services of other talented professionals. Instead of this, the government expended their money in doing nothing useful for the economy. Because the magic plan was just to create occupation, not to improve anything necessary.

What they don’t see, is that the private sector converts 10 millions in 20, 20 in 40, 40 in 80 an so on…

In my country (Catalonia) the spanish government try to rule everything. They interfere constantly with the private business, so it is really hard to succeed. And huge taxes are imposed, so it’s very difficult to increase the own richness. Later the spanish government spend the money with their friends. Yearly dozens of spaniard politicians (and few Catalans) go to the prison because they’re catched robbing or in corruption. And they would be a lot more if the governments don’t have so much opacity.

Opposite to the USA, that is a transparent democracy, here you can’t know the studies of the politicians or the expenses that the governments do. :-(

I was unable to confirm if a comunist politician lied when he said “I have studies of engineering”; Ok, “you have studies” (many socialist used this formula but once investigated they went to the university for a year or simply to private classes) but you’re engineer?. Nobody replied me. I called many universities: “this is a personal secret” – they replied. And the prime minister of Catalonia, actually a spaniard, seems to be a nearly illiterate and when his political party was requested by a journalist to show his basic school certificate pass, they ignored him and nobody showed it.

And the journalists are fired if they are independents and they investigate and try to reveal the truth. The media are subsidized and they don’t defend freedom of speech. The monopolies are kept and helped by all the governments (and the services are so bad, and you can’t choose other options).

Well my friends, I’m only a single person writing from my country, that is an occupied country. But I’m worried. I’m worried because North America represent many of the virtues that I want for my country and that I fight to achieve. USA represents too a country where I would like a lot to live, but not if the things continue advancing in the direction they are going.

I don’t want you to experience what we live here. spanish corruption, lack of transparency, favoritism, votes buying by the government by subsidizing or investing, lack of democracy, not allowing referendums requested by the citizens…

With all my love to Freedom, with all my love to Catalonia, with all my love to The United States of America, I pray you to consider not to go to the dark side, the socialist side.

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