Catalonia is not spain


For those that don’t know what Catalonia, Catalunya in my language: Catalan, is, I created this post.

Catalonia is an ancient Nation. We have more than 1.250 years of history as Catalans, and our own language: Catalans.

We created the first Parliament in Europe, much before England. You can watch this speech of Pau Casals, one of the most Catalan cellebrities, in the United Nations. Pau Casals composed “el cant dels ocells” the anatemn of the United Nations.

We were invaded by the spaniards in the european succession war in 1707, 1714, 1715, and we lost our Freedom. The spanish king converted the Catalans in slaves of castilla. The laws of castilla, their language: the castillian, that you know as spanish, and new taxes, were imposed to Catalans and they started refer to the reign of castilla and the imprisoned Nations as spain. The Catalan language was forbidden and prosecuted.

We have suffered many genocides from spain. Of course, they deny this.

We Catalans are not spaniards and we want to own our Catalan State. We want to be Free Human Beings.

spain doesn’t allow us to do a referendum so we hope we could achieve Freedom with the help of the great countries in the world, that love Freedom and Democracy.

Watch our demonstration in Brussels on 7th March of 2009.

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